Why Print?

Digital Printing Mountain View, Offset Printing in Mountain View, CABecause people generally remember it better if its ink on paper!

We’ve noticed that some of our customers who settled into online and email advertising are returning part of their budgets to print advertising and direct mail marketing.

  1. We’re all concerned about spam emails.
  2. Even Amazon began to issue printed catalogs!
  3. Google has even experimented with taking its ad sales to the printed format. (CNet News, August 31, 2005)
  4. The Media Effects Research Laboratory at Penn State University, in a study entitled “Does Web Advertising Work? Memory for Print vs. Online Media,” found “a clear implication for advertisers is that incidental memory for a content is significantly lower in online medium, compared to print medium.” In other words, people really do remember it better if it’s ink on paper!

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Our Services

Digital Pre-press

We will format your design or text for printing based on either a printed or electronic copy. If you have an idea for a design but need help putting it to paper, we have the expertise to help.

Our digital pre-press capability includes compatibility with both MAC and PC-based platforms, flatbed scanners, and Zip drives. We are experiences in all major software packages including Adobe and Quark, guaranteeing your satisfaction.


Offset PrintingWe are not just another quick printer; The Robots uses film negatives and metal offset plates on all jobs, emphasizing quality and reliability.

We have 4 AB Dick Offset Printers with 2 color printheads in our shop. We have a full darkroom with camera and platemaker in order to manufacture ultra high quality film negatives and and metal offset plates that are part of the offset printing process.

In addition, we have an extreme high resolution full color laser printer rated for professional quality brochure print runs.

Binding Services

Binding ServicesWe offer fast turn-around on local as well as shipped binding services. These can be included as part of a print job such as a monthly newsletter or a training manual.

We can provide you with a fast turn around on binding and folding of standard print jobs. We can even handle custom binding such as short run booklets or pamphlets for trade shows or training collateral.

We offer a broad range of standard printing products.

To request price quotes or for other information e-mail or call 650-940-1666.

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