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Newsletter Printing Mountain View, Booklet Printing in Mountain View, CAThe Robots Inc. has easily 45 years of experience with newsletters and other magazine-type formats which consist of multiple printed sheets, folded and stitched or stapled.

We have printed regular newsletters for several Stanford organizations, for various associations of Veterans, retired managers from Lockheed, therapist’s professional associations, and community groups. These range from simple 4 page monthly versions, on up to as many as 28 pages.

We also print similar format materials for catalogs, price lists, opera and theatrical programs, membership lists to name a few.

Many of our customers have discovered that a strong fraction of their recipients actually prefer to receive printed editions even if it is available online for downloading … since many people find themselves downloading and printing it out at home. In the case of one association of some 600 members, they converted their member directory to online several years ago. The following year the members of the Board of Directors and several officers requested physical copies as well, bound with spiral bindings. The following year about 100 of the members asked for the same service … and that number is growing. Nothing beats a paper copy on your desk for quick referral. They also discovered that people advertising in their directory were strongly in favor of the always-present paper version.

We believe that many people find the task of reading an 8- or 24-page newsletter online not only cumbersome but wearying. Like a newspaper, a printed newsletter often serves better as a tool to inform, engage and communicate. It has more lasting impact.

While “going green” became enormously popular some years ago, other folks, like the 1,400 members of a nearby, fairly rural community actually get the online copy but also a physical copy (by their own choice) of every quarter’s issue (on recycled paper, of course).

You can see examples in the Samples files.

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